We have an excellent manufacturing facility for manufacture of air oil separators, air filters, filter elements and filtration systems for compressors, engines and industrial applications.



View of typical screw compressor which requires Air-oil separator

Oil separators
The oil separator is capable of separating oil from compressed air so as to improve the performance of compressor and save energy. The compressed air enter the inlet of the oil separator, and flow through a filter and a baffle unit to make oil particles aggregate and drop to the bottom of the oil separator. The compressed air goes through the outlet, and after the filter separates the remaining oil particles, the oil free air enters the application tank. The oil pressure of the oil separator is higher than the pressure of the oil separator, hence the oil gathered in the bottom is sent back to the circulation by scavenging line.

We are specialized in manufacturing a range of compressor air oil separators that cater to the pneumatics and various other industries. These oil separators are widely reckoned for their optimum functionality, application specific design and low maintenance standards. Available in various standard sizes and specifications, our range of oil separators are also custom designed as per the specifications provided by the clients.
Our range of Air Oil Separators is available in 100 models and is manufactured using cylindrical or pleated design micro glass along with different flanges, gaskets and kits as per the application requirements.


  • Air flow capacities: As per requirement
  • Micron aerosol selectivity: .3-10 micron
  • Removal efficiency: 99.9 %
  • Operating temperature: 125o C